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Selected Work

  • Contemporary Living Situation: The Chinese Cultural Transition in Hong Kong

  • Dimension variable
  • Mixed media, video installation
  • 2019
  • There are critical social issues raised in Hong Kong recently, such as “The Belt and Road Initiative”, “National Anthem Bill”, “Lantau Tomorrow Vision”, “US-China trade war”, and “Extradition Bill”. During the global social changes, my living situation is being influenced by the Chinese and Hong Kong issues.

    In my artistic creation and imagination, I try to present a visual contrast of present days and the future of Hong Kong in Chinisation, by simulating the TV news broadcasting.

Artist Introduction

Mason Cheung Yat Fung reacts to the challenging reality in his experimental art practice with the independent spirit and artistic fantasy. Cheung's artworks review the social experience, relationships with others and personal memories – the joy, fun, struggle, confusion, depression, etc. – as the self-growth in early adulthood. Cheung graduated from The Open University of Hong Kong with a BFA in Cinematic Design and Photographic Digital Art.

Mason Cheung Yat Fung
Graduate Year