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Selected Work

  • Canned Libido

  • 3/F, Cheng Ming Building
  • 2018
  • Curator: Lo Wing Tao, Ng Wing Sze
    Artists: Lo Wing Tao, Ng Wing Sze, Poon Yin Tung, Tam Vun Kwan, Wong Nga Shan, Wong Ting Tao

    Throbbing, sweaty, and impetuous, the sentiments of youth is sealed shut inside the room. At an awkward age, as unfathomable and embarrassing as these primitive impulses are, they are concealed with unserious jokes. Fearful of the shackles of society, we suppress and refuse, gradually stepping away from our true selves.

    Six students are here to let out their innocent desires, sealing them as cans in the room, as if every adolescent teenager who is secretly relishing in the orgasmic lusciousness by themselves.