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Selected Work

  • Bon Bowl and Moon

  • Rice and rice paper
  • 2019
  • Action remembers attitude, This action
    with attitude we cherish has become a
    text, Chinese Character “ 掬”
    Rice as an important food in Chinese
    cuisine, so the word “ 掬” has a word
    “ 米” (rice) in the middle of the word
    “ 掬”.
    Picking up rice with a cherished
    attitude, We pick up with two hands
    Look at your hands and what does it
    look like? It's like a bowl.
    The bowl helps us to hold food
    carefully and steadily. Also remembers
    the hand movement, Remember the
    cherished attitude.
    A circle of ripple, it’s a circle of reunion.
    Round bowls, round tables, round
    chairs, and a full moon, Bon appetit!

Artist Introduction

Born in Hong Kong, Lives, studies and works in Hong Kong. Graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Design. Worked in the "Design and Cultural Studies Workshop", As a tutor for educational workshops in primary schools in various districts of Hong Kong and museums, Participated in Exhibition Design collaboration with the Hong Kong Public Libraries in "Bon Bowl" and "Ping Shan Bowl" exhibition. Her creative media ranges from two-dimensional to three-dimensional.

TSANG, Hiu Yan Charmaine Maria
Graduate Year