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Selected Work

  • Body

  • Undergraduate Exhibition
  • 3/F, Cheng Ming Building
  • Members: TANG Shue Fung, CHAN Cheuk Nam, Jerry, LAU Ka Chun, Jay, TSANG Tammi , TAM Cheuk Lam, Jessie, LI Zi Rui, Rose , MAN Chak Hong, TAO Hoi Chuen, Jacky, WONG Yuk Shan, WONG Nga Shan, Ailsa , ZHENG Tianyi, LEE Crystal , CHENG Pak Lun, Lawrence

    The exhibition aims to extend the inclass discussion about body in class
    I. Art education starts with the study of Greek statues, and art starts from the study of the body.
    II. Tools, which are originally extensions of the human body, enlarge the limitations of the body.
    III. Actions of the body: to perceive (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste), to intuit, to perform, to exercise (hit, kick)…
    IV. Human beings exist as mortal coils which invoke absurdity. We revolt against the absurdity of life through our bodies.