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Selected Work

  • Hermit

  • 100 x 80 cm.80 x 60 cm.75 x 60 cm.48 x 32 cm.48 x 32 cm
  • Oil.acrylic on canvas
  • 2022
  • To the artist, Hermit is a self-metaphor and monologue of her current state especially under the pandemic: locked down and bounded, downshifted, and lessened living space. How to adapt oneself to the unrest outside, achieving valuable experience and growth in this unusually slow space-time in haleness, persistence, liberty and joy? Turtle is a magical creature with an inborn hermitic world.

    In the “Hermit” series, the painter may feel the object’s strength and delight through depicting her natural amazing shape and touch. Background and outline are used to express the artist’s mood and feeling. The creative process is always the most fascinating thing: once an artwork is started, it opens a dialogue and fight, and the painter is the only person who has the right to determine when to stop. It is just like the austerity of art, timeless and endless; the only thing you can do is to go as far as you can with all your might.

Artist Introduction

Freelance artist with focus on oil painting. Currently working and living in Guangzhou.

Graduate Year