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Selected Work


  • 可變
  • 裝置
  • 2019
  • Zou spent a long time observing
    metropolis life and found the
    relations between individuals and
    the city are very interesting. Entering
    through the history of Blue Girl beer,
    Zou interpreted alienation by two
    approaches: the alienation of objects,
    and the alienation of identities.
    Zou used daily found objects to build
    up a surreal narrative. The objects
    themselves were every common stuff
    you can find in everyday life. Zou tried
    to de-functionalize them, make them
    into shiny, decorative, and fragile
    crafts. In this process, the ‘meaning’
    is completely deconstructed from the
    subject. On the other hand, the identity
    of the objects is also alienated. The
    origin and the history of the product,
    which are rather ambiguous, are
    detached from the product itself.

Artist Introduction

Stella Yan ZOU was born in 1987, lives and works in Hong Kong. Artist, Poet, Wife, Daughter.

ZOU, Yan
Graduate Year