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Selected Work

  • Knots

  • 400 × 150 cm
  • Yarn
  • 2022
  • Because of different upbringings and experiences, it is natural to look at things from different perspectives between two generations. As a result, disagreements between parents and children are inevitable. So, if you change the viewpoints, will there be a different picture?

    Have you ever considered the meanings behind your family conversations? Are there any preconceptions or assumptions if the message touches you?

    As with yarns, blood relationships are intricately entangled. Pulling them too hard can break them; loosening them too much will cause them to get twisted up. If an ideal balance could be established, perhaps some of the struggles can be resolved. Maybe a more harmonious relationship can flourish and both parties appreciate the warmth from each other. Through her creativity, the artist tries to iron out the issues between herself and her family. She places a high value on keeping in touch with her loved ones. For the first time, she is attempting to interact with her family through visual language by her artwork. Regardless of the effectiveness of this nonverbal communication, it is a wish that the two generations will be able to untangle their family knots.

    Please view the video artwork below.

Artist Introduction

Anne Chow is working for a sustainable textile product company for research & development. She is an experienced knitwear and fashion designer. She is graduated from the Institute of Textiles & Clothing at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She had furthered her study at London Central St. Martin. She is now studying the Master of Arts programme in Fine Arts at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Anne has won awards from different fashion design and upcycling competitions. She would like to promote environment friendly issue. She also concerns about the mental health. She thinks both issues can have positive effect through artistic approach. No matter for individual self-expression or community art.
Instagram: @nsartpmp

Email: [email protected]

Graduate Year