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Selected Work

  • The Sound of Life

  • Dimensions variable
  • Mixed media
  • 2022
  • In mythology, God blew the breath on the dust then all creatures came to life.
    What if a WORLD,
    All life came from music written by Bowie,
    Lyrics are DNA and protein coding?
    If the code of life was written by Bowie?
    His music is sound of life?
    Was Him a god?
    And where is our origin?

    Please view the video artwork below.

Artist Introduction

A bioscience background, cross-disciplinary fresh artist with curiosity to explore the possibilities of life, art, and science. Limin completed her PhD training in Life Sciences from the University of Warwick and works as a bioscience researcher afterward. Her enthusiasm in art and curiosity in seeking truth beyond our understanding have encouraged her to pursue a different path as an artist.

Graduate Year