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Selected Work

  • The Mixian

  • 300× 400 × 180 cm
  • Photo.video.installation
  • 2022
  • As globalization progressed, we became familiar with multi-racial people. Despite that, what are their true identities behind those exotic faces?
    During a portrait shooting, the artist had a conversation with the mixed-race model and discovered that they shared similar struggles with finding self-identity and their sense of belonging. They also happened to realize they hold an obvious advantage in developing their personality traits, language skills, creativity, and artistic sense. Can it be explained by the improved genes from interracial parents? Or the stimulus from a multicultural environment? Or is it simply their own talent?
    To explore the answer, the artist gathered different stories from mixed-race people. Through recording interview conversations and portrait photography, he explores the awareness of today's society and probes into the self-acceptance of the interviewees to understand how they establish their own identity throughout the struggles.
    (The Mixian is different from Eurasian, where Eurasian refers to a person of Caucasian European and Asian parentage. The term "The Mixian" is a title created by the artist for this project, which generally refers to mixed race people of all nationalities, skin colors, languages, and cultures.)

    For the interview videos, please visit - https://www.freeman-arts.com/themixian

Artist Introduction

Frank graduated from School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Arts in Photography. Also exchanged to China Central Academy of Fine Arts, studied Experimental Arts in Photography. “Taking human beings as the essential” is the philosophy of Frank’s photography. He values the relationship established between the photographic process in order to obtain the stories and histories within, as if through the act of photography to open a window to other individual’s lives.

Graduate Year