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Selected Work

  • 戲海圖

  • 33x545 cm
  • Chinese Ink on Chinese Paper
  • 2014

Artist Introduction

I want to pursue the emphasizing of using lines like the technique of calligraphy in Chinese painting, letting people to experience in line strokes, rolling clear up and down, full of dynamic and rhythm, so color can become secondary and only concentrate on the using of lines. Moreover using the line of ink can show the volume change and spatial depth, thereby increasing lyricism and expressive through the lines. In traditional Chinese painting, water is often metaphor the human spirit. My inspiration of painting had closed relationship to "water" mainly came from my childhood from my daily swimming training in the swimming pool. Also, I am addicted to diving in the ocean. Thus I found that using line drawing is the best way for me to depict the peaceful and waving of the ocean.

CHAN Kwan-lok
Graduate Year