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NG Wing-kei, Winky

Artist Introduction

Art is the livelihood, the creation, and the sharing. What I concern is the behaviour towards creativity, from the living experience, to the practice, and to the creation. Identification of cognition of oneself is continuously arousing during the processes of creation: the interactions of human beings under different spaces would create the perception to the environment, relationship and creative thinking.

Relationship is the primary subject and theme of my works, including oneself and objects, or the observations, thinkings and feelings from other people. The process of interchange of communication would turns into visual elements such as symbols, repetition, and lines; from one’s unique context and language, the space of imagination to the viewers who draw their own picture from their own experience would be deliberately retained via selection. Undergoing these two different experiences, viewers enter a stage of real and concrete but strange, fictitious and suppositional but familiar environment.