Chinese Art Exhibition by FAA Part-time Lecturers

Sir Run Run Shaw Hall Foyer, CUHK

The Department of Fine Arts has promoted the study of Chinese art and culture, dedicated to the communication between Chinese and Western arts, strived to transcend the dichotomy of the traditional” and “the contemporary”. As the first institution to provide tertiary art education, the Department offers courses in Chinese painting, calligraphy and seal carving respectively. Each of these courses focus on Chinese calligraphy, landscape painting, flowers and birds painting, seal carving and figure painting provides students with full access to and experimentation with various types of traditional Chinese art. While emphasizing the inheritance of technique, students are also encouraged to explore their individual creation with knowledge of art history, history of calligraphy and painting.

This exhibition is dedicated to the achievements in the art field of the five artists/ part-time teachers, at the same time presented their direction for teaching traditional Chinese art, not merely as pass down of technique and theories, but also as an inspiration to students about the many possibilities of art. The works of these five artists/ teachers can be said to cover the exploration of traditional language and technique of brush and ink, which also reflect the artists’ response to the living experience in the contemporary society, bring together the traditional art form and modern life.

Excel in both arts and science, also master various calligraphic scripts; Dr. Chan Yung pays particular attention to the tradition of Chinese art. His calligraphy expresses the reverence to antiquity as the characteristic of traditional art. Huen Siu Chan has been practicing traditional martial art and calligraphy for many years; his use of brush in calligraphy and the use of knife in seal carving combine the strength and performativity of Chinese martial art. For Tao Shuhui, the practice of calligraphy in its traditional sense is the dedication to antiquity, but also as the practice of everyday writing, that embodies one’s living experience. The expressive flowers and birds paintings of Pau Mo Ching capture the artist’s physicality and state of mind in the process of artistic creation, while reflect one’s cultivation of mind and body. Such cultivation also reveals in Pau’s use of concise wordings and imagery in seal carving as an expression of her understanding and bodily experience of her practice of yoga. The figure painting of Cheung Fan Fong is as realistic as the artist’s observation of the contemporary society in the most comprehensive sense. Looking at the exploration of traditional technique and artistic language, the five artists/ teachers of the Department illuminate students in their teaching through the continuous reflections on, reinventions and experimentations of the traditional and the contemporary.

Chinese Art Exhibition by FAA Part-time Lecturers

3 July -------- 20 July

Mon. to Fri.: 09:00a.m.-18:00p.m., Sat.: 09:00a.m.-1:00p.m.(Closed on Sun & Public holidays)