'Moment by Moment’

Gallery I, Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 

I can’t hear the thunderclap in the midsummer, nor can I gaze the lightning fading away.     

You say that my eyes can’t hold my tears; what’s left are merely two cavities that reflect no     one. 

But look, the street is full of people of my kind.

We walk and walk… and just can’t stop.  I have no idea whether we are pushed forward by every moment, or instead moving on ourselves?

I cannot be sure.

Do not walk, let’s fly.”

“But how?”

“Only when you live with your feet off the ground, you may fly.”

“But to where?”


“Hush, just fly freely in this very moment and soar in the long and free journey.”

The 15 graduates include: Peggy Sze Wan CHAN, Frank Freeman, Jeff Tsz Fung CHENG, Anne Hiu Wa CHOW, Lum Cheuk Lam KAM, Polly Siu San LAU, Vincent Kwun Leung LEE, Alice Nga Kei IEONG, Limin XU, Tezuka Wai Hin NG, Helen Wai Chi PANG, Jean Wai Yin TSOI, Esther Chun Yan WONG, Iris WONG and Janice Yuen Yee WONG. Coming from various backgrounds and carrying different stories, such as being a mother, a teacher, a film art director, an architect, a psychotherapist, a photographer, or a scientist, the graduates extend their creativity through different media including painting, photography, video and mixed media installation.

The exhibition is made possible through generous support from ARTzioneer、Prism Arts Limited、Gravity Capital Partners Company Limited、J&S Printing Company Ltd、Asia Symbol China Holdings Limited (PaperOne)、Double V、LUXE Tuxedo、Wan Chung Group、Cheer Bell Gallery、Art-mate、Wai Kang Production Limited、Dream Impact、StormHarbour Securities (Hong Kong) Limited 、Epson、Kindergarten Insane Studio、WMA、Art and Culture Outreach、Hanart TZ Gallery、Art Life Foundation Co. Limited、Little Space Expressive Arts Studio、Mr Kelvin Yeung、Mr Gary Lam、Cubedecor Workshop & Miramix、Corrupt the Youth. (in random order)


Exhibition Details:
Exhibition Period: 11 – 31 July, 2022
Venue: Gallery I, Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Opening Hour:
Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm (Closed on Thursdays)
Sunday and Public Holiday 1pm to 5pm



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‘Moment by Moment’ – Master of Arts in Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition 

11 July -------- 31 July

Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm (Closed on Thursdays)  Sunday and Public Holiday 1pm to 5pm