Undergraduate Exhibition 2015

2/F and 3/F, Cheng Ming Building, New Asia College

The Undergraduate Exhibition encompasses thirteen proposals which are all initiated by undergraduate students; these proposals not only present their thoughts and ideas on specific themes, but also evoke an echo from viewers. For in-stance, “Raleigh Scattering” explores the possibilities of presenting the colour blue through the chemical reaction which causes diffuse sky radiation; Both “Mote Archive” and “Time Marks” observe and record the feelings and memories aroused from daily objects; “Lifting” seeks to associate fragments of reminiscence and recall the intimate relations with viewers; “Best Before” reflects on the idea of “expiry date”, provoked the tin from Wong Kar Wai’s “Chungking Express”; “Bi Nian” selects particular elements from Shuimohua and separate them from their original settings to form abstract images.

As it is tedious to include all the exhibition ideas, we cordially invite you to come and explore the diversity of the students’ creation.

Undergraduate Exhibition 2015

May 31 -------- June 28

Monday to Sunday 10am - 05pm (closed on Thursdays)