MFA Graduate Exhibition 2017

3/F Cheng Ming Building, New Asia College & The New Asia College Ch’ien Mu Library, CUHK

MFA  Graduate Exhibition

Artist: Zaffer CHAN Sui Ying, Natalie LO Lai Lai, TSE Chun Sing and YAU Wing Fung

Graduation exhibition <Confetti> by CHAN Sui Ying Zaffer, presenting the delineation of sentimental and spiritual ink scenery. She reviews the interdependent relationship between traditional mounting and ink representation. Engaging in the mounting craftsmanship, she tries to include creation concepts with the art of mounting. Her recent works depict scenes beyond windows and transformation among seasons, presenting the spectators the whisper of confetti-like nature. Those incessant whisper leads audiences to another exhibition < Sing’s Experience Hub> by Tse Chun Sing (MFA graduate), which is divided into two parts, Ching Ming building and Chi’en Mu Library. He examines the notion of listening in his works, which consist of mixture of sounds and materials collected by the artists in several years. Against the instant and rapid world of forgetfulness, he wants to remind the nature of hearing and imagining by his works of prime experience.

Sing’s works create displacement in between sound towards our surroundings, On the other hand, YAU Wing Fung, who focuses on presenting the spirit of landscape painting in his works, also responses to the changing situation in his graduate exhibition <Transition Scene>. He tries to create out of the boundary of previous landscape paintings and reflect the different notions and concepts between format, spatial and temporal dimension. The reflection on nature, space and psychological consciousness is also presented in Natalie Lo’s work(MFA graduate). She presents her new video, mixed media and installation works in her MFA graduation show <Merrily, Merrily>, honestly presenting the critical thinking on her travelling and farming experience, elaborately moving towards once familiar but strange stories, tales, or legends. It reveals the paradox and struggle with nature when one striving for utopia.




MFA Graduate Exhibition 2017

May 27 -------- June 23

Monday to Saturday, 10:00a.m.-5:00p.m. (Closed on Thursday) ;Sunday and public holidays, 1:00p.m.-5:00p.m.