Hou Junming: The Asian Father Interview Project “ Fathers of Male Homosexuals in Hong Kong”

G/F, Hui Gallery, New Asia College, CUHK

Invitational Exhibition, the Art of CUHK 2016
HOU CHUN MING ─── The Asian Father Interview Project :
“ Fathers of Male Homosexuals in Hong Kong”(Exhibition and Forum)
4-29 JUNE 2016

The Department of Fine Arts of the Chinese University of Hong Kong proudly invites Mr.Hou Chunming to be artist-in-residence of 2016. Mr.Hou continued his unfinished series Asian Father Interviews since March this year. Applying techniques such as in-depth interviews and field studies, Mr.Hou shifts his on-going project from Taipei to Hong Kong. This time, he will cast light on Hong Kong’s LGBT youth. His art addresses the role of the Father as a powerful force of construction in forming the many hidden complexities among homosexual groups as part and parcel of what defines contemporary culture today.

The Invitational Exhibition will be held in Hui Gallery, New Asia College , the Chinese University of Hong Kong from June 4th -29 th 2016. The Opening ceremony is scheduled at 5pm on June 4th (Sat). On June 5th, On June 5th, there will be a forum with guest moderator Prof. Ho Hing Kay to take part in the artist talk. It would certainly bring together the participants to explore on the research areas.

Since 2008, the Taiwanese artist Mr.Hou Chun-ming has been working on the Asian Father project. In past years, he has done researches in different cities throughout Asia (Yokohama, Taipei, Taichung, Bangkok and Chiayi). Based on one-on-one interviews, Mr.Hou invited interviewees to part part in the creative process as collaborators, making the line between the artist and the subject of his creation as blurred as ever. The artist invited interviewees to explore the history, the role of their fathers and their personal relationships.
Enquiry:invitationexh2016@gmail.com3943 7615 /For media interview opportunity with the artist Mr. Hou Chun-ming or request for more press photos, please contact Miss Natalie Lo at 9874 9664. For press release and press photo, please download at:https://goo.gl/Y48GBM


Opening Ceremony
4 June 2016 (Sat) 5pm
Hui Gallery, G/F, Cheng Ming Building,
New Asia College, CUHK

Exhibition Period &Location
4﹣29 JUNE 2016
Hui Gallery, G/F, Cheng Ming Building,
New Asia College, CUHK

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 09:30-16:30/ Sat 09:30-12:00
(Closed on Sun and public holidays)



5 June 2016(Sun) 3pm

Yasumoto International Academic Park
(YIA)  405
Prof. Oscar Ho Hing Kay
Associate Professor, Department of Cultural and Religious Studies,   CUHK
Guest:Interviewees in the project
Conducted in Mandarin
Free Admission, Limited Seats, First come first serve

Artist Biography/
Hou Chun Ming, born in Liuchiao Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan in 1963. Graduated from the National Arts Academy (Now Taipei National University of the Arts), Mr.Hou was known by his installations and woodcut prints during the 90s. His art style came as a strong provocation that challenged both the social as well as the political status quo of Taiwanese society. Mr.Hou had been twice invited to attend the Venice Biennale in 1995 and 2013, respectively;  in recent years, Mr.Hou has been focusing on projects of exploring  Taiwanese culture. The current project The Asian Father Interview is born out of a spiritual journey returning towards one’s innermost self. It has been going on since 2008 and has held exhibitions in Yokohama, Taipei, Taichung, Bangkok and Chiayi, etc. His most recent work Body Map combines cross-media experiments with ethnographic methodologies as well as research skills to tackle the issue of bodily desire in its multifaceted complexity.

Invitational Exhibition 2016

June 4 -------- June 29

10a.m.-5p.m. (Mon-Sat); 1p.m.-5p.m. (Sun & Public Holidays); Closed (Thu)