Hui Gallery, New Asia College, CUHK

The theme of the annual Invitational Exhibition is ‘On Drawing’. The traditional form of art is immersing into colossal dimension in the hyper-digitalised era. With the collaboration of research practices on drawing in the manner of experimental and global approach of Zurich University of the Arts and School of Art, RMIT University, the two groups of artists will create dialogues in exploring the boundlessness of drawing in the annual exhibition.

Curator: Tam Wai Ping (Associate Professor, Department of Fine Arts)
Guest Curators: Dr. Irene Barberis, Prof. Dominique Lämmli

Participated Unit
MA Fine Arts, Zurich University of the Arts |School of Art, RMIT University

Invitational Exhibition 2018 – ON DRAWING

July 1 -------- July 31