• MFA Graduate Exhibition 2016

    ‘MFA Graduate Exhibition’ presents the works of 2 graduates, who adopts very different approaches in their pursuit of personal styles.

    MFA Graduate Exhibition 2016

    11 July -------- 5 August

    (10a.m.-5p.m. (Mon-Sat); 1p.m.-5p.m. (Sun & Public Holidays); Closed (Thu))
  • 識我條鐵 A Bit of Iron(y)

    The Chinese word “鐵”, translated as “iron”, has recently become a frequently used slang word in Hong Kong. It originated from an internet discussion forum as a cipher for a less family-friendly word that would undoubtedly be censored.

    “…, what the iron would I know” has come to express one’s lack of knowledge (or in most cases, lack of interest) towards a specific subject. We feel that the general lack of interest can be particularly strong when ‘art’ becomes the subject, and this attitude towards the unfamiliar is often disparaging in our city.

    “A Bit of Iron(y)” is a group exhibition featuring Year One MA students coming from diverse educational backgrounds. Drawing from personal experiences and responses to contemporary issues, the participating students are questioning the general disinterest and asking why we care and why we make.

    Master of Arts in Fine Arts Year One Exhibition 2016

    10 July -------- 5 August

    (Closed on Thursdays)
  • The Art of CUHK 2016

    Similar to the previous years, “The Art of CUHK 2016” provides a platform for students to exercise their autonomy: the formation and structure of the exhibition committee, administrative work, curation, publication, sponsorship seeking and the setting up of the exhibition venue are all coordinated by students. Furthermore, public seminars will be held to promote academic discussion, in which art professionals will be invited to share their experience in curation and art education.

    “The Art of CUHK 2016” offers successional exhibitions in two phases . Phase I includes BA Graduate Exhibition, Undergraduate Exhibition and Invitational Exhibition which will run from 4th June til 29th June; Phase II which includes MFA & MA Graduate Exhibition and Postgraduate Exhibition will be scheduled from 7th July to 5th August. “The Art of CUHK 2016” is the orchestrated results of students’ artistic ideas and experiment after a year of learning and practicing. Through the exhibits, the artists respond to voices from within and reflect upon the progression of the society.

    The Art of CUHK 2016

    4 June -------- 29 June

    (Opening Ceremony |4th June 15:00p.m.)
  • Undergraduate Exhibition

    Undergraduate Exhibition includes: “Selected Work Show” and “Curated Show” . The former showcases exceptional works of Chinese and Western medium selected by a team of professional judges; the latter encompasses nine proposals resulted from a series of interviews and seminars. There proposals demonstrate essential quality of self-initiation among students in determining the selection criteria, themes […]

    Undergraduate Exhibition 2016

    4 June -------- 29 June

    (10a.m.-5p.m. (Mon-Sat); 1p.m.-5p.m. (Sun & Public Holidays); Closed (Thu))


  • 31 May
    The Art of CUHK 2016
  • 31 May
    Opening Ceremony: The Art of CUHK Graduate Exhibition 2016
  • 31 May
    HOU CHUN MING ── The Asian Father Interview Project: “ Fathers of Male Homosexuals in Hong Kong”
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  • The Asian Father Interview Project: “ Fathers of Male Homosexuals in Hong Kong” Forum

    5th June 2016 (Sunday) 15:00..; Yasumoto International Academic Park (YIA 405), CUHK

  • Opening Ceremony: Invitational Exhibition

    HOU CHUN MING ─── The Asian Father Interview Project: “ Fathers of Male Homosexuals in Hong Kong”

    4th June, 2016 (Saturday), 17:00p.m., Hui Gallery, New Asia College, CUHK

  • The Art of CUHK Graduate Exhibition 2016 Opening Ceremony

    “The Art of CUHK 2016”

    4th June, 2016 (Saturday), Gallery I, Art Museum, Central Campus, The Chinese University of Hong Kong